About us - Legal Technology Solutions

About Legal Technology Solutions

Legal Technology Solutions specializes in serving the technology needs of those who work in the legal field.

As a technology company that serves the people in the legal profession, we handle all your technology needs from advising you on the right hardware and software choices, to providing helpdesk services for day-to-day support.

Our services include much more behind the scenes too – We offer our clients network configuration and maintenance, a variety of cloud services, cyber security audits and services, and many other technology enhancements to keep your practice running efficiently, securely, and smoothly.

Our clients include all types of firms and practices that provide legal services. Some are ‘solo’ practicing lawyers, while others are larger firms with dozens of attorneys and many legal professionals. No matter how big or small you are, we always pay attention to you – the people the technology is intended to serve.

We understand that as a legal professional, you have plenty of things to do, strict deadlines to meet, and meticulous documents to produce. We exist to ensure that your technology makes all that you do possible, and that your technology works just as hard for you, as you work for your clients.
You can count on us to:

  • Minimize computer issues and resolve them fast when they do come up
  • Provide on-going helpdesk for hardware and software issues
  • Handle data back-ups, business continuity, and disaster recovery
  • Help explain ABA regulations and requirements, and assist you with compliance
  • Cyber-secure your network and the devices on it

Just like you, we are also immersed in the legal field – The only difference is that we focus on the technology side of things. We understand the technology-related requirements and regulations you must comply with, we are very familiar with the software options available to run your practice and serve your clients. In fact, we are recognized and well-respected in our field and we teach CLE classes for the Arizona Bar Association and several others.

With Legal Technology Solutions on your side, you know we understand your legal field’s specific needs, and we make sure your technology is optimized to serve you in the best possible way.